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04 May 2006 @ 01:35 pm
Exams happened (Although by exams I mostly mean final projects.... Which is both better and worse than written tests. Better because it's a practical test of one's knowledge and skills, worse because it takes a hell of a lot more time. Two paintings, a metal chair, and a program that can't be finished until July anyway. ^.^;)
And now that I'll have my last Exam this afternoon, I'm planning on trying to get those last pages scanned in and toned soon. I have some meetings on Friday for an ongoing project, and I do need to work on that during the weekend, but I will have more time to also work on Desperado.
I'm really sorry about the delay, especially when I originally projected it to be up in like, a day. ^.^;;;
I was also embarassed that the chapter wasn't completed when some one posted the pages up on a thread in 4chan, since, well, it's pretty frustrating to get part of a comic and not the rest because it's not done and the artist is some lazy asshole. :P
Speaking of being a lazy asshole, I need to get back to looking at my notes on greek art, lol.
(needs moar tentacles. :P)
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06 February 2006 @ 12:27 am
I know that about 4,000 years ago, I was totally going to update the last of chapter four, but it turns out I'm actually a horrible person and a liar, and I still haven't finished inking the last two pages. ^.^;
I blame it on my cat.

No, seriously, I've just gotten too busy to finish inking them. ^.^;
I also apologise for the inking experiments you'll see-- I got a deleter pen set, so I'm trying it out... on the last two pages. ^.^;
And then I found my ratty brush pen, instead of the nice one, and I like the ratty one for hair...
So yeah there's suddenly going to be pure black areas in the last two or three pages. ^.^;
I was tempted to buy toner at the time, too, but... I can't cut anything out to save my life. You've all be spared, lol. (my exacto knife skills are 0)

I'm going to be jumping back and doing chapters 2 and 3 before I go on to Chapter 5, now that I've got the sketches of chapter 4 done.
26 January 2006 @ 03:36 am
True Story.

I made some regular RE4 icons earlier today (you don't want them, they suck. I just make plain icons most of the time, so there. :P), and then I was like, OH HAY, I'm going to make some bases for Desperado ones, if any one wants to do anything with them.
I'd try to make them special my self, but that'd turn out as successful as when I tried to make the Hellbits icons back in the day. so yeah. :P

Somehow totally clean crops from Desperado. except maybe that one pic of Luis and Leon.Collapse )
And I can totally do more crops if anyone wants me to, too. :P Since I kinda have the big versions of the pages. :P
25 January 2006 @ 12:12 am
So I decided to make an LJ comm for this because if any one wanted to know about updates or whatever, especially if they're for chapters I can't really host on Y! gallery and stuff, it'd make it easier. Also, for those who haven't/don't want to join Y!gallery but are still interested in the comic for some reason.

Forgive me, I'm hyper right now.
Anyway, speaking of updates and news, I put up pages 8 through 10 in the normal site: please check the community's home page for those (link is on the info page, of course).
I'll be putting those up on my site as soon as I finish pages 11 through 14, which finish that chapter.
I'll also see about doing something with that part of the site so it's not so... fugly. LOL. I've been needing to remake it anyway.

Right, so I'll go do homework or something now. Expect pgs. 11 through 14 by tomorrow or so. I have early classes tomorrow, so I can't really stay up. But I can stay up all night Weds. :3

EDIT: OH HAY. If you're looking at this from it's main journal, and not your friends list or something, it's the first link on the top, lol. For the Y! link, that is. So... anyway. If you're on an FL (And at this stage, I highly doubt it. I'm the only member, lol), just click on the name, then...
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